Newsletter Marketing

Effortlessly Connect With Customers.

Email inboxes still reign supreme. Stay in touch without looking out of touch.

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Smart & Easy Email Marketing

Running a special promotion, have an exciting new product or blog post, or just want to send some seasonal cheer? You don’t need to spend hours managing a whole separate email marketing platform for that.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with our email marketing management system. Whether you want to leave the updates to us according to a planned schedule or get more involved with your updates and messaging, we’ve got you covered.

With our email marketing service, business owners like you get to rest assured that one of their most important marketing channels is covered. Meanwhile, customers love our lightweight, straight-to-the-point updates.

We don’t clog up customer inboxes with unnecessary messages, utilize tricks to gain attention, or otherwise beg customers to unsubscribe. Rather, we help you showcase your value and maintain a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship with your customers. How many companies treat you that way? Let’s help your business be among the very few that do.

**This service is currently in a private beta. But if you are interested in getting on our waiting list just contact us and let us know!**

Managed Newsletter Marketing

GlideStep is highly responsive when we have questions and always finds solutions to help us get through any obstacles that come up. I recommend GlideStep to help your firm achieve great internet results that ultimately help close business.

Brad Lund, Owner — Everlast Synthetic Products

Monthly Newsletter Management

If you’re looking to make sure you’ve covered the basics when it comes to email marketing, let our team handle things for you every month.

Drive Traffic To Website

Our monthly newsletters will primarily focus on driving traffic to recent blog posts on your website.

Announcements & News

You won't have to come up with news every month, but we'll be sure to ask you if you have anything to add!

Red Flag Checks

If we notice unusually high bounce rates or unsubscribes from your campaigns, we'll automatically investigate and look for potential issues.

Segmentation Support

If you have special messaging or targeted content, we can create variations on your newsletter to customize the content depending on the receipients' interests.

Lightweight Design

Our email templates are designed to be lightweight and easy for readers to digest. Our goal is to inform without bogging down alrady-over-loaded inboxes.


By leveraging our managed email newsletter templates, you will benefit from having a clear call-to-action built in from the outset.

Using Another Email Marketing Solution?

If you are running your own email marketing campaigns with a service like MailChimp then our PRO Module plan is a great way to boost your efforts.

Email Campaign Audit

If you are running your own email marketing campaigns outside of our monthly newsletter, our team can help test your templates or even individual campaigns to help improve your odds of success.

Don’t forget, our PRO Module plan is incredibly flexible. You can scale up/down and even switch functional areas at any time.

Newsletter Marketing Solutions

Want To Get On The Waiting List?

This service is currently in a private beta. But if you are interested in getting on our waiting list just contact us and let us know!

Ready to focus on running your business instead of your website? We’ll put together a free competitive report for you to check out, and if you’re interested we’ll even review the results with you. Either way, knowledge is power.