Email Marketing

Email marketing never seems to go out of style. In fact, it’s more popular than ever and with good reason. The return on investment (ROI) for email marketing has been found to be as high as $1 to $42.1 In other words, for every dollar invested $42 dollars is made. There aren’t many marketing channels that can boast a 4,200% ROI.

Email marketing has become the sales and marketing backbone of more businesses in an ever-widening variety of industries. Are you taking advantage of email marketing? Are your competitors?

For a small business to fully leverage email marketing takes time and can get pretty technical. Still, the sky-high ROI potential for drip campaigns, email automation, and more means you’re likely leaving money on the table. Our Email Marketing Pro Modules are designed to give you the technical help and strategic support you need.

Perfect Pitch Concepts and GlideStep have consistently either offered or designed solutions and services to fit my needs, always at a fair value and with high quality delivery.

Brad Tucker, Owner — Look Ahead Business Consulting

Available Modules

List Building Strategy

Our team can help integrate your MailChimp audience lists into your website forms and newsletter signups to help support your email marketing campaign reach.

Email Template Audit

Email template designs are notoriously tough to get right for every email client. Our team can help test your templates or even individual campaigns to help improve your odds.

Ready to talk

Build Your Own Plan

Every client is different, and needs are constantly evolving. That’s why you will have a dedicated account manager regularly adjusting your production schedule each month. However, if you’d like to get a rough idea of how your plan might scale or adapt based on your budget and needs, check out our planning tool.



Is there a long-term contract?

Nope. We're month-to-month around here. You can change your service plan at any time before the next invoicing period begins.


Are the features described in each of the service areas unlimited?

No, these support functions are not unlimited. Many of these areas can scale dramatically depending on the website, so we have a maximum budget of 3 hours total time allowed per module, including all core reporting, quick fixes, and follow-up meetings.

Do support budgets rollover?

No. Your support budget does not roll over month-to-month. The support budget at each tier is intended as a cap to our monthly efforts that are more open-ended in nature.

What happens if we need extra help during a service period?

If extra work would be needed beyond the scope of your service plan, we will either provide you with an estimate for the extra work order or help coordinate with a third party vendor of your choice. You will always be given advance notice of any out-of-scope work requests. We don’t believe in surprise invoices.


Will this make my website #1 in Google?

Being able to guarantee top results for any website, regardless of merit or budget, would be a superpower we would really like to have. But we don't. If we did, let's be real, we'd probably be Bezos-rich after a few years of work and call it a day.

Having a better website and regular professional marketing efforts will most likely help your search engine rankings, but there are a LOT of factors that influence your website’s search rankings and there will likely be several ranking elements that are beyond the scope of this service.

Remember, search engines are inherently competitive. Even if you're doing everything right your competition might also be stepping up their game. Just like staying on top in your industry in the real world, it takes work to do the same in the virtual world and there are unfortunately no guarantees. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either out to take you for a ride, or is into some dark magic that will be the end of us all.