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Wouldn’t it be cool if postcard mailers integrated with your website?

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Generate New Prospects The Old-Fashioned Way

If there’s one thing the Internet doesn’t have, it’s a sense of physical connection. Our technology allows for smart, targeted direct mail campaigns that integrate with your website and online marketing.

Long the purview of cheap bulk mailers and coupon re-sellers, we’ve reimagined snail mail to make it work more like our high-tech paid search techniques. Rather than sending out a mass mailer and hoping for the best, we apply robust prospect filters before sending anything out, customized messaging, and intelligent analytics tracking to each individual card to drive customers to your business. We can even help you build your mailing list!

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and impress prospective customers?

Direct Mail For Web

GlideStep has consistently either offered or designed solutions and services to fit my needs, always at a fair value and with high quality delivery.

Brad Tucker, Owner — Look Ahead Business Consulting

Robust Direct Mail Solutions

If you’re looking to expand the ways you drive traffic to your website, let our team help manage a highly-targeted postcard campaign for you!

Fully-Managed Campaigns

This isn't DIY software. Our team of marketing experts will design, build, monitor, and improve your campaigns for you every month.

Location-Based Segments

Want to target addresses in specific cities, regions, or even neighborhoods? Our campaigns support robust geo-targeting logic, so we've got you covered.


Sometimes it makes sense to target the neighbors of your existing customers. Realtors do this all the time for "just sold" campaigns, but we can take these concepts much further.

Activity-Based Campaigns

Interested in soliciting feedback from recent customers, or maybe a campaign that only targets people who have responded to previous campaigns (postcard or email)? No problem!

Robust Segment Filters

Our filter logic supports matching "any" or "all" conditions on a variety of metrics, as well as sub groups. Basically nerd-speak for we have incredibly powerful targeting capabilities.

If/Then Sequencing

We can design sequences that depend on prospects taking — or not taking — specific actions. Experience the power of Marketing Automation and without the burden of designing it yourself.

Intelligent Messaging

Many direct mail providers offer the ability to customize messaging with attributes like a recipient's name, but we can actually change the entire messaging with conditional logic.

Unique QR Codes

Every postcard has a unique QR code that allows us to fully customize your landing page content. This also lets us better segment warm leads for targeted follow-up sequences.

Data Management Support

Whether you need help finding a strategy to filter your existing contact list or finding a data broker to discover new prospects, our team can help navigate all of those headaches.

Real-Time Insights

Our systems track everything from printing, to delivery, to "clicks" on QR codes. That lets us offer powerful insights into a variety of metrics to help you see your overall ROI.

Looking For Something More Customized?

We have a variety of pre-built templates, so this is not required to use our Direct Mail service. But if you are looking to build something custom-tailored for your brand’s needs we have a special PRO Module that can make this happen!

Custom Postcard Campaign

Our team will create the template for a direct mail postcard campaign. We'll handle everything from defining your campaign objectives to building the template, complete with variable support for customizations.

Don’t forget, our PRO Module plan is incredibly flexible. You can scale up/down and even switch functional areas at any time.

Direct Mail Solutions

Find Out How We Can Help You

There are a lot of amazing marketing tools and website platforms out there to choose from, so what makes GlideStep different? We are a service, not a DIY tool. We don’t think you should have to spend your valuable time struggling to become your own designer, programmer, marketer, or search engine expert.

Ready to focus on running your business instead of your website? We’ll put together a free competitive report for you to check out, and if you’re interested we’ll even review the results with you. Either way, knowledge is power.