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Start Valuing Customer Feedback.

Let us help you monitor how well you’re performing with your customers.

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Why Should Customers Give You Their Time?

Despite all the messages you get saying how much your thoughts and feedback are “valued” by companies, customers are mostly asked and expected to invest time to give ratings and write reviews without any sort of compensation. Most review sites like Google and Yelp explicitly prohibit paying for reviews to avoid businesses just paying to boost their positive stats. But paying for customer feedback to show you really (literally) value their time is a different story. It’s also a huge opportunity to build a relationship with customers AND improve your business. That’s an oddly novel concept. Until now.

Introducing paid feedback campaigns! The idea is simple. Just set a budget for your campaign and a target for how much to pay your customers for their “two cents. We’ll then send them requests for structured feedback. They’ll get paid regardless of what they tell you, and the feedback stays between you and the customer—unless you both decide to share their feedback on your website.

Of course, Google/Yelp reviews are still relevant. So after the paid internal feedback transaction is completed, we will ask the customer to also share their thoughts publicly. While you’re not paying for a review at this point, some goodwill will probably have been established and your customers will know that you truly do value their time and thoughts!

**This service is currently in a private beta. But if you are interested in getting on our waiting list just contact us and let us know!**

Reputation Management

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Get Help Building Your Street Cred

Keeping up with your online reviews can be a real headache. Our reputation management service can help take some of the basics off your plate.

Valued Feedback

Our paid feedback campaigns allow you to clearly show customers exactly how much their thoughts and time are truly valued.

Automatic Review Solicitation

Simply provide us a list of recent customers, and our system will email them on your behalf to solicit a request for feedback.

Conditional Review Request

If the feedback the customer submits is positive, we'll automatically ask them to share their thoughts on sites like Google/Yelp.

Value Proposition Alignment

Our feedback uses scorecards for key questions, so it's easy to keep track of your business performance in specific areas over time.

Keep Site Testimonials Fresh

Keeping testimonials on your website updated is tough. But our system will make it easy to show the world how amazing you are.

Reminder Settings

Customers are often too busy to complete a review immediately, but our requests offer the ability for customers to set reminders.

Postcard Requests

If you're using our Direct Mail service, we can send feedback request postcards with personalized QR codes.

Daily Review Monitoring

It's important to respond to negative feedback in a timely manner. Let us keep an eye on things and either respond on your behalf or alert you.

Pricing For Any Business Budget

Our Managed Feedback services allow you to scale your budget up or down at any time depending on your specific business goals. This service is currently in a private beta period, but if you are interested please reach out to our team for more information.

Reputation Management Solutions

Want To Get On The Waiting List?

This service is currently in a private beta. But if you are interested in getting on our waiting list just contact us and let us know!

Ready to focus on running your business instead of your website? We’ll put together a free competitive report for you to check out, and if you’re interested we’ll even review the results with you. Either way, knowledge is power.