Marketing Consulting

Who Are You Going To Call?

Chart a course to web success one well-informed decision at a time.

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Insights You Can Trust

There’s an infinite number of ways to spend your time and money marketing your business on the web. Trying to figure out what to invest where can lead to scattershot efforts with mixed results.

The real spoils go to the businesses that build a coordinated, professional web presence that speaks with one voice but reflects the needs and wants of individual customer segments. In other words, businesses with strong brands and business savvy dominate the web. Let us help your business do just this!

Small Business Consulting

This single decision was by far the most important and lucrative act we have done in a decade of operation.

John Mulligan, Owner — CitruSolution of Wilmington

What To Expect

For less than the cost of a single intern, you can unlock access to a team of MBAs with over 15 years of experience working with small businesses to improve their online marketing campaigns.


Our team's business school backgrounds means that almost everything we do is designed to help improve your bottom line and result in a positive return over what you invest in our services.

Your Competitive Advantage

Most small businesses don't have easy access to a team of versatile marketing consultants. Feel free to use this to your advantage!

Start Your Service With PRO Modules

Our Marketing Consulting service requires an ongoing PRO Module plan, but you can scale your support plan up or down at any time depending on your goals and budget.

Value Proposition Review

Our team will examine your most prominent online marketing channels and determine how well your potential competitive strengths are represented.

Customer Segment Review

Our team will work to make sure your collateral is supporting the specific needs of your target customer segments throughout their key purchase stages.

Audience Interests Research

Let us look for the websites, podcasts, blogs, publications, and social accounts that your audience is following to help you improve your outreach or advertising efforts.

Brand Guidelines Inspection

Consistency is key when it comes to establishing a strong brand. Our team will review your digital assets to look for major issues with your logo, color scheme, typography, and overall voice and tone.

Don’t forget, our PRO Module plan is incredibly flexible. You can scale up/down and even switch functional areas at any time. Typically, clients will start with a few consulting modules and then switch up to something like SEO or Website Development for ongoing implementation.

Small Business Consulting Solutions

Find Out How We Can Help You

There are a lot of amazing marketing tools and website platforms out there to choose from, so what makes GlideStep different? We are a service, not a DIY tool. We don’t think you should have to spend your valuable time struggling to become your own designer, programmer, marketer, or search engine expert.

Ready to focus on running your business instead of your website? We’ll put together a free competitive report for you to check out, and if you’re interested we’ll even review the results with you. Either way, knowledge is power.



Is there a long-term contract?

Nope. We're month-to-month around here. You can change your service plan at any time before the next invoicing period begins.

Accounts & Billing

Can we pay with a credit card?

Yes! For payments over $2,000 we do require a 3% processing fee for credit card payments. We also happily accept check payments. Invoices will be posted upon the completion of the service period or project phase.

When does the service period begin?

In most cases, we can start a new plan at any point during a month, and billing cycles will always be based on the calendar month. If we do not feel capable of reaching our support time budget within the current period, we may recommend post-dating your service start date or pro-rating the first month's service.

Can I change my service level or cancel?

Yes! You can scale your service plan up or down, pause, or even cancel it. We must receive your request before your next service period begins. If we have initiated production on any modules for the following period, you may be invoiced a prorated amount for the following service period.

What is your refund policy?

We'll always work to earn your business, and will work with you if you ever decide it's not working out. But please understand that we do not offer refunds.


What happens if we need extra help during a service period?

If extra work would be needed beyond the scope of your service plan, we will either provide you with an estimate for the extra work order or help coordinate with a third party vendor of your choice. You will always be given advance notice of any out-of-scope work requests. We don’t believe in surprise invoices.

Do support budgets rollover?

No. Your support budget does not roll over month-to-month. The support budget at each tier is intended as a cap to our monthly efforts that are more open-ended in nature.

Are the features described in each of the service areas unlimited?

No, these support functions are not unlimited. Many of these areas can scale dramatically depending on the website, so we have a maximum budget of 3 hours total time allowed per module, including all core reporting, quick fixes, and follow-up meetings.


Will this make my website #1 in Google?

Being able to guarantee top results for any website, regardless of merit or budget, would be a superpower we would really like to have. But we don't. If we did, let's be real, we'd probably be Bezos-rich after a few years of work and call it a day.

Having a better website and regular professional marketing efforts will most likely help your search engine rankings, but there are a LOT of factors that influence your website’s search rankings and there will likely be several ranking elements that are beyond the scope of this service.

Remember, search engines are inherently competitive. Even if you're doing everything right your competition might also be stepping up their game. Just like staying on top in your industry in the real world, it takes work to do the same in the virtual world and there are unfortunately no guarantees. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either out to take you for a ride, or is into some dark magic that will be the end of us all.