Managed Wordpress Website Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Customers won't tolerate slow-loading or hacked websites. When it comes to your business website, make sure that you have a team of professionals helping keep you up and running.

Your Website Is Important.
Let Us Help You Take Proper Care Of It.

Human Webmaster

If something goes wrong, just let us know and we’ll handle it so you won’t have to spend hours on the phone with multiple tech support agents to try and fix it yourself.

Powerful Servers

Our sites are hosted on cloud-based servers and are fully encrypted with SSL/HTTPS to help secure your traffic and help ensure that search engines stay happy.

Extra Spam Protection

Our hosting includes spam firewalls to help block out known spammers and bots, without having to burden your potential leads with annoying captcha challenges.

Monthly Security Audits

Every month, our team will conduct a brief audit of your website to look for additional ways we can strengthen your overall security.

Daily Backups

We automatically backup your website every day in the cloud, so if something ever breaks then we are more likely able to quickly get you up and running again.

Regular Framework Updates

We regularly update your underlying website framework and plugins so you can rest assured that your site is up to date with security and performance improvements.

Hardened Configuration

From tightening user roles to removing access to the files on the server, our team will apply numerous additional settings to help beef up your security.

Uptime Monitoring

We use tools to automatically check your website status every minute and send us an alert if there is a problem. If your site goes down, we’ll be on it.

Enhanced Notifications

We offer Postmark integration to monitor and troubleshoot notification emails, specifically the emails sent from your website’s contact forms.

Domain & DNS Management

Securing your domain is the most important thing you can do, yet it is often neglected. Our plans include annual registration for a single domain.

Content Delivery Network

All of our sites use the Cloudflare CDN for additional protection from bad traffic, improved content delivery speeds, and overall performance benefits.

Enhanced Firewall Settings

We’ll implement a series of additional firewalls to help provider further protection for your Wordpress site as well as the server that’s running it.

Malware Scans

Every day, our tools will look for common red flags in among your system files to identify known malware or vulnerabilities and we will then work to resolve them.

Cloudflare PRO

Sites at this service level will benefit from additional included Cloudflare PRO features, including enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF).

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