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Why Hire A Professional Web Team?

Let’s be real, it’s 2021 and there are a lot of wallet-friendly DIY options out there for you to build your own website. If you’re just starting out with a new venture, we actually recommend that approach. Just keep in mind that it’s a bit like cutting your own hair. You might be awesome at it, but if you want to look your best it might be worth hiring someone who lives and breaths the stuff to help out if you can afford it.

Our team has been building high-performance business websites since 2005. Your dedicated project manager will have an MBA to help keep things real, and our team will also include people with the creative and technical skills to ensure your website looks great without sacrificing loading times. It’s surprisingly tough to find all of those elements with most vendors. It’s nearly impossible to achieve them all on your own while simultaneously running your own business.

Your website may be the first impression your brand makes on potential customers and it can make or break a sale in many cases. Let us help you look your best, nail your value proposition, and win more customers.

Needing New Website

The FIRST DAY our website went live my incoming call volume doubled. Clients found us and our new customers continually mentioned how much they liked our website. I was stunned!

John Mulligan, Owner — CitruSolution of Wilmington

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Our framework has been painstakingly optimized to maximize speed and look great across all devices without sacrificing performance. We’ve got the GTmetrix scores to prove it!

Device Performance Structure Grade
Mobile 99% 100% A
Tablet 98% 100% A
Desktop 99% 100% A

We Sweat The Details So You Don’t Have To

Fully-Branded Theme

While not a traditional anything-goes custom website, our framework offers a variety of customization options that will result in a unique experience for your brand.

Built For Speed

GlideStep sites are built with optimal performance in mind. Just compare how this site scores on GTmetrix against your own site to see exactly what we mean.


Let us go the extra mile in locking down your website, from disabling admin capabilities and public user registrations to hardening your security headers.

Curated Plugins

We only allow a select few plugins in our ecosystem, which allows us to optimize your overall performance and security while keeping out the riffraff.

Flexible Layouts

Our core framework extends native Gutenberg posts and pages with responsive grid capabilities for incredibly flexible layout possibilities.

Customized Lead Forms

Our websites include a powerful Gravity Form setup along with optional conditional fields and notification routing to help you better quality your leads.

Custom Post Types

Whether for your staff, services, or products, we can configure a dedicated area for custom post types as well as configure custom fields.

IMGIX Integration

Our setups harness the power of IMGIX for your images, allowing us to dynamically crop and compress images exactly as the context demands.

Art Direction Support

Our custom art direction widget gives you FULL control over how your images appear on any device, meaning your site can transcend responsive.

Content Migration

We will work to migrate your existing blog content and ensure that your top indexed links are properly updated/redirected to avoid penalties by Google.

Featured Projects

GTmetrix performance scores for mobile, tablet, and desktop are displayed below each screenshot.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we’ve built over the years. Every client is different, and if you’ve got custom needs just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Ready to talk

Find Out How We Can Help You

Every project is different, and we may not be the right fit for what you’re trying to accomplish. But if you’re looking for a business website that will load quickly and quickly communicate your brand’s value, then we may be a perfect match!



Can visitors comment on my site content?

For security purposes, we do not allow comment functionalities.

Can users register like on a WordPress site?

For security purposes, we disable user registration on our platform. If you require user registrations, or if you need your own admin users, just contact us and we'll explore some custom options.

I can just install my own plugins, right?

Unfortunately, except for some rare situations, while we are actively managing your website you will not be able to manage plugins yourself. If you need a particular plugin, just ask and we'll explore the possibility of adding it to the ecosystem. There are a lot of bloated and even dangerous plugins out there, so we cannot promise that it will be possible to add any plugin you request for security, performance, and technical reasons.

Can I move my website later on?

If you decide to cancel your managed hosting service, we have an export process where we can remove our management tools and convert your website into a transferrable WordPress setup. If you ordered a new GlideStep website setup instead of migrating an existing WordPress site, you will lose some of the performance and security features during a later export effort. You may also need to purchase your own licenses for some third party plugins to keep certain functionalities operational. However, the front-end of your website should remain mostly unaffected during the transfer process.


What happens if my website gets hacked?

It depends. Restoring hacked websites is a job that can vary significantly in terms of scope, and it really depends upon the nature of the attack. In our experience, in most cases these issues can be resolved by reverting to a recent backup, changing passwords, and running a few scans to ensure things are back up and running and the initial exploit has been remediated. Depending upon the severity of the attack and the resources of your attacker, however, restoration and protection may require further work.


Will this make my website #1 in Google?

Being able to guarantee top results for any website, regardless of merit or budget, would be a superpower we would really like to have. But we don't. If we did, let's be real, we'd probably be Bezos-rich after a few years of work and call it a day.

Having a better website and regular professional marketing efforts will most likely help your search engine rankings, but there are a LOT of factors that influence your website’s search rankings and there will likely be several ranking elements that are beyond the scope of this service.

Remember, search engines are inherently competitive. Even if you're doing everything right your competition might also be stepping up their game. Just like staying on top in your industry in the real world, it takes work to do the same in the virtual world and there are unfortunately no guarantees. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either out to take you for a ride, or is into some dark magic that will be the end of us all.